A Note For Our Families Regarding COVID-19

March 17, 2020

In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are writing today to let you know about the approach that Northway-Wendigo is taking to keep our campers safe and healthy at camp.

At this time, we are cancelling the scheduled Teas in Toronto (April 26, 2020) and Ottawa (April 19, 2020).  While we are sorry not to be able to see everyone who would attend, but it is just part of the social distancing that everyone is being asked to undertake.

In order to ensure a safe experience for everyone at Northway-Wendigo, we are monitoring this issue carefully and will continue to do so. We have consulted with our local public health unit for Algonquin Park, The Renfrew and County District Health Unit and we are working with the Ontario Camps Association to ensure we are following best practices.

We will continue to monitor closely the updates from Public Health Ontario, Health Canada, and the World Health Organization.

We are proceeding with all our regular planning to ensure we are properly prepared for the start of camp, as we have in the past.  We’re remaining hopeful for the customary start to camp on July 1st.

We will keep in touch and communicate any new information to you regarding Northway-Wendigo’s summer as early as possible.

Please email or call any time if you would like to talk about camp.

The following websites can provide further information, and you can check with your own local Public Health Unit for information in your local area:

Health Canada:   COVID-19 Website

Public Health Ontario:  Coronavirus Resource Site

World Health Organization Information for Members of the Public:  Information for Members of the Public

We realize that helping your children cope with the uncertainty around COVID-19 can be challenging. They may be worried about what they are hearing in the news—worrying about themselves, their friends and you, their family.  The links below are for 2 articles on the Canadian Pediatric Society’s website.  They might be of interest to you.

Parenting During COVID-19: A New Frontier

By Kassia Johnson, MD, FRCPC
Dr. Kassia Johnson is a developmental paediatrician in Hamilton, Ont., a member of the Canadian Paediatric Society’s Early Years Task Force, and a mother of two.

How Can We Talk To Kids About COVID-19? Be “Realistically Reassuring”

By Dr. Robin C. Williams, CM, MD FRCP
Dr. Robin Williams is a Past President of the Canadian Paediatric Society, and a former Medical Officer of Health for Ontario’s Niagara Region.  She is currently Chair, Early Years Task Force, Canadian Paediatric Society


Brookes, Joan, Wilson and Becca Prewitt