The Camp Northway Store

The Northway Camp Store is open 3 days/week. It allows campers to purchase various items using the deposit you have made for them. There are snack items such as chocolate bars, chips, and juice bottles (limits apply). A variety of necessities are also on hand in case your camper runs out: toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, flashlights, batteries, stamps, paper, envelopes, sunscreen, etc. Remember that if your child is attending camp from outside Canada, they will need to purchase Canadian stamps at the camp store to mail letters home.

The store deposit also covers canoe trip permits and laundry charges. Laundry is sent out once within each 13-day session. It is returned the following day.

If the unused portion of the store deposit is under $5.00, it goes toward the support of Northway’s adopted child in India. Unused deposits over $5.00 will be returned to you in the fall.

For Wendigo campers, please note that the store deposit will cover Trip Permits.

Spending Money

Little spending money is necessary, due to the deposit you have made for your child at the camp store. You may wish to send some money with your child to use while travelling to and from camp, or to spend on a canoe trip if the trip stops at a store. Any money sent with your child can be locked into the camp safe and returned to them at the end of their stay—please let us know if you want us to collect money and store it in the safe.