About Camp Wendigo

Wendigo is a small canoe-tripping outpost for boys (aged 12 – 16) operated by Camp Northway, located inside Algonquin Park.

Camp Wendigo offers supervised canoe trips throughout Algonquin Park’s 3000 square miles (7,770 square kilometres) of protected wilderness. The boys are involved in every facet of a canoe-trip. They learn how to pack out a trip, both food and equipment. They learn the value of efficiency and ingenuity in setting up camp and in outdoor cooking. 

What Makes Wendigo Unique

Wendigo’s rigorous programme helps boys to develop self-reliance and outdoor skills. A typical day when on trip consists of paddling and portaging through Algonquin. Each canoe trip has a specific route to follow, so each day the group works together to navigate to the next lake that is booked on the permit.

Open From July 1 - August 19

2024 session dates and rates:

  • Full Summer July 1 – August 19 ($9,613)
    • 50 Days
  • First Half July 1 – 25 ($5,247)
    • 25 Days
  • Second Half July 26 – August 19 ($5,247)
    • 25 Days
  • First Quarter July 1 – 13 ($2,965)
    • 13 Days
  • Second Quarter July 13 – 25 ($2,965)
    • 13 Days
  • Third Quarter July 26 – August 7 ($2,965)
    • 13 Days
  • Fourth Quarter August 7 – 19 ($2,965)
    • 13 Days

Skills your son will learn:

Learn more about Camp Wendigo!

If you’d like to learn more about Camp Wendigo submit your information on the form and we will be in touch. A Director may be able to come to your house and give your son a presentation on Wendigo.

Apply Online

We offer Online Applications through a program called Camp Brain. Clicking “Apply Online” below will take you to the Camp Brain login portal where first-time families will be asked to create an account. Returning camper families can sign into their existing account.