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Where friendships grow and traditions thrive

Camp Northway Lodge was founded in 1906 by Fannie L Case of Rochester, New York. Her philosophy was that girls should learn how to live simply in the outdoors and that the absence of appliances and luxuries would give campers a wilderness experience which they might draw upon throughout their lives. We try to maintain the ideal that in-camp life should be almost as simple as life on a canoe trip. Just like in 1906, there is no electricity at Northway or Wendigo.

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Experience a Summer Living in the Wilderness

Click below to find out more about our girls camp (Northway) and our canoe tripping boys camp (Wendigo)

Camp Northway (Girls)

Camp Northway for girls (ages 7-16) offers a traditional program based on our wilderness setting inside Algonquin Park. A typical day includes swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, arts and crafts, and dramatics.

Camp Wendigo (Boys)

Camp Wendigo for boys (ages 12-16) is essentially a canoe-tripping outpost, offering supervised canoe trips throughout Algonquin Park’s 7,770 square kilometres of protected wilderness.


A Northway Summer is A Lifetime of Memories

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our number one priority to ensure a safe and successful camp experience for your daughter. These are some of our most frequently asked questions.

The best form of communication is by regular mail. Letters can be very special to campers since they become treasured keepsakes your child can read and re-read while at camp. Check out our communication blog post here. There is no electricity at camp, so there is no shared phone or computer for campers to use. If there is an urgent matter that you must relay to your daughter, we ask that you contact us at the main camp phone number so we can arrange for you to connect.

Northway’s emergency response plan starts with evaluating the situation. Counsellor staff have at minimum Standard First Aid, and our Canoe Trip Guides have Wilderness First Aid certifications. We share a doctor with a nearby camp, and if it’s determined that a camper should visit a hospital, we will always contact the camper’s parents. All canoe trips are equipped with an InReach device so they can contact the directors right away if there is an emergency. There are also ambulance and air ambulance services available in Algonquin Park.

Each tent group is comprised of 3 campers and 1 counsellor. For this reason, our general rule is that close friends from home do not live in the same tent at camp. Regardless of how friendly and welcoming 2 friends may be, their prior connection may inadvertently make their 3rd tentmate feel a little left out. We also want to encourage girls to make new friends from other places, and we try to create tent groups that help facilitate that. 

If you are driving your daughter to or from camp, you will receive an email with the details. Drop-off times range between 1:30pm and 4:30pm. Pick up times range between 7am and 10:30am. If you choose camp transportation for your child, you’ll receive information on bus/van stops and drop off/pick up times.

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