Communicating with Your Child at Camp

By Mail

Receiving mail at camp is fun and exciting. Receiving letters regularly is what campers love. The content of the letters is secondary—a quick note is just as appreciated as several pages. Mail to camp can be slow. We recommend sending a letter a few days before your child leaves for camp so they will receive the letter shortly after arriving. Letters from home are a keepsake your child can read again and again, and will hopefully inspire them to write you frequently, as well.

To send mail to your child during the summer, please use the camp’s summer address:

Camper Name
c/o Camp Northway—or c/o Camp Wendigo
Cache Lake, Algonquin Park
Lock Box 10003
Huntsville, ON

Care Packages

Sending a small “care package” can be special, but several parcels diminishes the unique aspect of a care package. As Northway and Wendigo are wilderness camps, no food or candy is allowed in the tents to prevent attracting animals. Care packages are opened with a staff member. If you wish to send a care package to your child please note that any candy sent to campers will not be given to them. As an alternative, you might consider items such as magazines, puzzle books, notepads, pens, etc. Do not send gum.

If you are sending a package to your camper, please use only the Post Office, and not special courier companies, as they cannot deliver to camp due to our water access. These packages may be returned as undeliverable by the courier company or might be left unattended at the public access dock. Any packages requiring Duty will not be accepted.

Email & Telephone

We have limited access to our email after June 20th. If you need to contact camp, please call us. The telephone is not located at the front of camp in our office, and will not be answered directly. You can, however, leave us a message 24-hours a day at 705-633-5595. Messages are checked regularly. Please do not make birthday calls or any calls that are not absolutely necessary.

Northway-Wendigo Visiting Policy

We have no set Visitor’s Day at camp. Northway and Wendigo are a very special experience. This is an opportunity for your child to establish his or her independence. A visit from family may interrupt this experience, and could possibly create feelings of homesickness.

Parents are welcome to take a camp tour when dropping off or picking up their child.