Electronics at Camp

Cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. have become a part of daily life for many children. When surrounded by this technology “bubble”, it is difficult for them to see how it impacts their lives. In such a hectic world, it is a rare opportunity for kids to step outside this bubble and engage with new friends face-to-face.

To nurture this opportunity, we do not allow cell phones and iPods at camp. These items can greatly detract form the wilderness experience. Cell phones may not be used as cameras at camp. Camp is an opportunity for your child to have a break from all the technology that is ever-present in her/his life throughout the rest of the year. As a child’s dependence on electronic entertainment and communication increases, so does the importance of time away from it.

If your child requires a cell phone for their commute to and from camp, or while at the airport, this is OK as long as it is given to the staff or directors when the camper arrives. Cell phones are locked in a safe during their stay at camp to ensure they aren’t lost.

Camp is an opportunity for your child to grow and experience greater independence and autonomy. They will form friendships with other campers that will last a lifetime. Keeping the camp environment free of distracting electronic devices will help this special bonding experience. A child who brings electronics to camp can unwittingly ruin the wilderness experience of her/his fellow campers. Thank you for your support of this policy.

“Removed from the artificial stimulation of radio, television and movies, freed from the confines of a city and school life, a child sees, often for the first time, the beauty and harmony of the world around her.”Northway Brochure, 1959