For Campers Flying to and from Camp

Plan flights to Toronto to arrive before noon and flights from Toronto to depart after 1:30 pm. Read more about planning flights to and from camp.

Safety First!

Read about our Safety policies, info on peanuts and download the Health Form.

The Camp Northway Store

Little spending money is necessary, due to the deposit you have made for your child at the camp store. Learn more about how the Camp Store works by clicking here.

Communicating with Your Child at Camp

Learn about the best ways to communicate with your son or daughter while they’re away at camp, including information about how to send a Care Package to your child while they’re away.

Homesickness: Tips for Parents & Campers Alike

For some children, homesickness may also be a part of their experience. Preventing or minimizing homesickness can be accomplished by using a number of practical steps before your daughter attends camp. Read on for details!

Electronics at Camp

Camp is an opportunity for your child to grow and experience greater independence and autonomy. Keeping the camp environment free of distracting electronic devices will help this special bonding experience. Read about our electronics policy here.

A Note About Packing

A good camper travels light! This information is essentially a loose guide for anyone who may be in the market for new equipment.